PhoneGap Mobile App Development

PhoneGap Cross Platform Mobile App Development

At Agnostic we offer our client one stop solution for mobile app development service. As PhoneGap is one of the emerging cross platform app development, we build custom mobile app which meets the customer requirements.

PhoneGap is one of the open source framework for cross platform mobile application development. It supports existing technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript for building custom mobile application. PhoneGap is developer friendly by allowing app developers to reuse existing skills and technologies rather than starting from the scratch and also its AIR Simulator makes testing more easier.

PhoneGap supports many features like Geo location, Sound enhancement, Accelerometer, GPS, Photos, Contacts, Offline storage and so on. PhoneGap developed application is compatible to all major mobile platforms like Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry.

We offer wide range of custom solution for Business, Ecommerce, Healthcare, Travel, Education and Sports. Our well experienced & skilled developers deliver custom mobile app to meet our client requirements at any cost.

If you're looking for cost effective mobile app development service using PhoneGap for your business, please contact us .

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