About Us

A Name you will hear a lot in the coming days...


Agnostic– basically means “independent”. By that, we mean to say, we are – Technology agnostic , Platform agnostic , Skill set agnostic and hence in a better position to aid and advise our clients, provide them varied perspectives and help them understand what would suit them the best. Owing to the vast experience in handling bespoke application development , remote support and custom software development services over the years, we have mastered the art of meeting the expectation of our clients and often exceeding them as well.

Whilst most organizations only focus on selling what they have as a solution to any problem, we would like to stand apart. We suggest what is right for you. Therefore, we do not wish to be identified with a particular technology, platform or language, the reason for being agnostic.

We have honed our expertise in cross-platform skills, hybrid mobile app frameworks, disparate data sources and coupled with agile methodologies , our focus is to create value for our customers. In nearly a decade, Agnostics has built an offshore powerhouse capable of delivering 24x7 delivery and support. We help support our clients manage rapid changes in technology.

Our client base spans across multiple verticals viz. Automotive, Healthcare, Payments, Accounts, ecommerce Marketplace... and lo behold we do have marquee customers in these verticals. We have painstakingly acquired them through word of mouth and referrals and have an almost negligible marketing budget. This is only possible if we deliver what we say and say what we deliver.

Our strength is our excellent pool of skilled resources and as a team, they complement each other to form a vibrant team taking on any challenge. We boast of the least attrition rate in the IT segment and as our customers vouch for us, so does our team. We call this trust-based relationships. These trust-based long-term relationships form the core culture of our Organization.

If you are looking for a bespoke software development company that listens to you, understands you and wants you to win, then look no further....

Why choose Us for
Prospective Customers

We do not wish to forge a vendor-customer relationship. We wish to get involved in understanding your pain-points better and provide you custom software solutions that best work for you. We believe that if our customers win, we will automatically win. This attitude has reaped us rich dividends and has helped us forge strong relationships. We take responsibility for our deliverables, whereas most of our competition is just being defensive in their deliverables.

Why choose Us for
Prospective Employees

We turn your dreams and aspirations into reality by providing you the perfect launchpad that your career requires. At Agnostic, we offer you a vibrant and dynamic working environment which lets you learn and grow at your pace .Once here, you are a part of a friendly team which provides ample scope and autonomy to bring out the best in you.


Our mission is to provide sustainable and innovative custom software development solutions to our customers without undue importance to a particular stream of technology or platform. We remain personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.

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